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powderoom.co.uk - retail “therapy” on the web… enjoy

Welcome to the pages of powderoom.co.uk. The Internet Shopping Experience. Within each department are several shops. I have trawled the net to bring to you businesses that I feel I can recommend. I can't say that I have bought goods from all of them but I like the appearance of the site, the ease of navigation and the apparent quality and range of goods on offer – I have bought from a good few!

My aim is for you to enjoy browsing and shopping at powderoom.co.uk, to bookmark the site and to keep coming back. I also want you to contact me with your views on the site and my selections. Believe me; your comments will be acted upon.

Right then, are you sitting comfortably – start clicking! 

LINK - Classic Cars

Ever since Simon Dee ascended a multi storey car park in a white e-type Jaguar I have wanted a go in one! (Remember...) If you fancy a day or two in a classic car, maybe including a cottage holiday; then visit www.cornwallclassiccarhire.co.uk.  They have some beautiful motor cars for hire, could not be more helpful and even include tour guides to the most beautiful parts of Cornwall. Personally recommended – 5 star

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